Research Products


2024.05.18  Tomoko ISHIKAWA
‘Social Licence to Operate in Investment Disputes: Suggestions for Energy Transition’
The Japanese Association of World Law 2024 Annual Research Conference


2024.03.08  Tomoko ISHIKAWA
‘The ‘UNFCCC’ Model as a model for the Multilateral Instrument on ISDS Reform’
The 7th intersessional meeting of UNCITRAL Working Group III

Discussion Paper (Co-Authorship)

2024.03  Nanda Kumar JANARDHANAN, Eric ZUSMAN, Mustafa MOINUDDIN, Kentaro TAMURA, Hajime TAKIZAWA, Rahman ANAS, Deepak SHARMA, Ankit PANDEY, Jyoti SHARMA, Kajol
‘The Role of Sub-National Governments in India’s Green Hydrogen Transition: A multilevel perspective’
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies


2024.02.19 Rajesh SHARMA
‘WTO MC-13: From Doha to Abu Dhabi: 23 Years and Still Far Away From Destination’
Dharmashastra National Law University (Jabalpur, India)


2024.1.18  Tomoko ISHIKAWA
‘Multilateral Legal Frameworks to Address Climate Change: Implementation Challenges and Responses’
ILA Italy Environmental Transition Series, January-March 2024

Conference Paper

2024.1 Yugo TANAKA, Akihisa KURIYAMA, Ikuru IWATA, Kentaro TAMURA
‘Scenario analysis regarding energy supply and demand to achieve the 1.5°C target’
Japan Society of Energy and Resources

Presentation (Co-Authorship)

2023.12.18 Ge YU, Ying SUN
‘An Empirical Study on Factors Influencing ESG Disclosure of Chinese Companies’ at: 2023 Environmental Information Science, Research and Presentation Conference, 20th Environmental Information Science Poster Session, Nihon University Hall (Tokyo, Japan).

Technical Report (Co-Authorship)

2023.12 Akihisa KURIYAMA, Yugo TANAKA, Ikuru IWATA, Kentaro TAMURA
IGES 1.5°C Roadmap : An action plan for Japan - more ambitious emissions reduction and a prosperous, vibrant society’
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies


Tomoko ISHIKAWA and Yarik KRYVOI (eds.)
Public and Private Governance of Cybersecurity: Challenges and Potential (Cambridge University Press, 2023)
(Contributing authors include Kiichi Fujiwara, Wakako Ito and Elizabeth Whitsitt)


2023.11.16   Elizabeth WHITSITT
‘International Investment Law & Climate Change: Preservation through Plurilateralism as the way forward?’ at: Cambridge Centre for Energy Environment and Natural Resources Governance (Cambridge, UK)


2023.11.08   Elizabeth WHITSITT
‘International Investment Law & Climate Change: Preservation through Plurilateralism as the way forward?’ at: ENERGIZE II Workshop (University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark)


2023.10.28   Keiko ZAIMA, Ying SUN
‘Issues of corporate management related to climate change governance: A theoretical study from the perspective of business administration’ at: the 42nd Annual Conference of the Japan Association for Social and Economic Systems Studies (Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan).


2023.10.24   Rajesh SHARMA
‘Mediation of WTO Disputes and Its Enforcement-New Perspective’ at: 2023 Taipei International Conference on Arbitration and Mediation ‘International Dispute Resolution and Development: The Technological and Economic Perspective’ (Taipei, Taiwan)


2023.10.08   Elizabeth WHITSITT
‘The future of ISDS in North America’ at ‘The USMCA: Promises and Challenges for the future of North American Trade’ (Brooklyn Law School, New York, United States)


2023.09.15   Elizabeth WHITSITT
‘International Trade & Cybersecurity: Balancing Free Markets and Regulations’ at International Workshop on ‘EU Trade and Economic Relations: Transatlantic and Global Challenges’ Jean Monnet European Union Centre for Excellence (Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada)


2023.9.1   Ying SUN, Keiko ZAIMA
“Features and Transition of Hydrogen Supply Chain Development in Japanese Companies: Text Mining Analysis Using Nikkei Business Daily” (in Japanese) (2023) 44(2) Yokohama business review 39-54.

Commentary (Co-Authorship)

2023.09   Chisa UMEMIYA, Akibi TSUKUI, Kentaro TAMURA
‘First Global Stocktake (GST) Synthesis Report: Can we aim to raise national reduction targets (NDC) through the actions of non-governmental actors such as corporations?’
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies


‘Counterclaims based on Corporate Climate Change Responsibility: Challenges and Prospects’ (2023) Transnational Dispute Management (Maris BV)


2023.7.13   Tomoko ISHIKAWA
‘Counterclaims based on Corporate Climate Change Responsibility: Challenges and Prospects’ at the UNCITRAL Colloquium on Climate Change and the Law of International Trade (Vienna, Austria)

Article (Co-Authorship)

2023.07 Nanda Kumar JANARDHANAN, Mustafa MOINUDDIN, Eric ZUSMAN, Hajime TAKIZAWA, Kentaro TAMURA
‘How Can Japan Help Create a Sustainable Hydrogen Society in Asia?’
ADBI Working Paper Series
Included in Decarbonization Strategies in Asia and the Pacific


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